My Encounter with a High-Class London Escort

After suffering a heartbreak twelve months ago, I decided to avoid long term commitments and diverted the energy to my career. As a sex maniac, I had to seek alternative ways to satisfy my sexual needs. I ran into an agency offering clients high-class escorts London.

I was impressed by the gallery showcasing a collection of high-class models from Europe and other continents. Svetlana won my heart with her curvy hips, bee-stung lips, blue eyes, proportional boobs, and a list of my deepest desires. I went through her profile, reviews, and social media accounts to learn more about her.

I booked Svetlana for a Friday night in advance. I had two hours for my refreshments and relevant preparations before Svetlana arrived in my five-star hotel room and ordered a bottle of my best wine and her best dish (Mexican). She arrived two minutes early, sat on my lap, and whispered into my ear indistinctly before heading for the shower.

Svetlana stripped teasingly before as she dropped her tiny garments as a map to her unique treasure. I gave her five minutes before storming the bathroom. I used little effort as the door was wide open, revealing a perfect body than I had anticipated. We made love under the shower before exploring different parts of the room and came in unison.

We had the entire night ahead of us. I invited Svetlana to enjoy the Mexican delicacy with me as we drank the wine. At midnight, we were in town exploring night clubs and other London’s nightlife delicacies. Clubbing was more fun, the more our red wine kicked in. We visited top night clubs in London but avoided taking photographs as she forbade.

I learned that an escort offers more than sex and companionship. I had the freedom to share my deepest thoughts with Svetlana and discovered that she is a smart young lady. She held back details of her private life but commented or advised me appropriately. At 4:00 am, we hailed a cab to get us back to the hotel.

I was itching to revisit an essential part of my youth. With Svetlana’s help, I acquired some marijuana from one of her contacts. We got back in time to blaze the weed at the 4:20 am mark. The next two hours were the best as we conversed more freely. We made love for three more rounds before 6:00 am.

I usually spend my Saturdays away from the office. I had booked the room for the entire weekend. Svetlana left my room at precisely 7:00 am and promised that she would try not to succumb to the temptation of contacting me. I stayed in my hotel room for Saturday night and checked out on Sunday evening after leaving a UK review.

I reached out to Svetlana exactly thirty days after our first encounter. I always meet her once a month to revisit our first visit and make new memories. Although I have been with other escorts, Svetlana ranks top for reasons best known to me. We have explored various parts of London and Europe. My current aim is to make love to her on a different continent.